Architectural Control Committee Process

     Procedures for filing an ACC Architectural Alteration Change Request

    1. Download Fairways at Firewheel HOA Architectural Alteration Change Request form from the HOA web site below.
    2. Fill out requested information on form. Be as detailed as possible
    3. It is highly recommended that plans, drawings, or even rough sketches of the change be attached. While not specifically required, it will greatly increase your chances of being approved.
    4. E-Mail the completed application to -
    5. ACC chairman returns signed form to Excel
    6. Managment.

    7. Excel notifies requestor of results. This process can take 10 to 14 days.
    8. Construction may not start without ACC approval.
    9.  What to do if you are disapproved.

       When a request is disapproved, the returned form will include comments indicating why the plan was rejected.

      1. If possible, change the plans to reflect the ACC comments and resubmit the application.
      2. The decision of the ACC may be appealed to the HOA board of directors within 30 days of the initial rejection. This request must be made in writing to the HOA board president. Decisions of the HOA board are final.

      Download Architectural Control Committee Form

      Fairways at Firewheel Homeowners Association

      Architecture and Landscape Guidelines & Restrictions
      (Additions and clarifications to the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Fairways at Firewheel Estates” as approved by the HOA Board.*)

      The following guidelines are designed to promote and enhance the harmony, value, and aesthetics of the neighborhood as a whole.  Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in fines and other actions:

      1. Yards must be maintained in accordance to the ordinance set forth by the City of Garland.  (  Lawns must be mowed regularly and weeds controlled.  In addition, grass may not infringe on the sidewalk more than three inches from the sidewalk edge.
      2. Flowerbeds must have a minimum amount of shrubs/plants/flowers to cover the cement area of the foundation visible from the street.  (Side yards excluded.)  Grass or weeds in the beds must not be visible from the street.
      3. A defined border between the yard and the beds must be established.  If established by a material (i.e. rocks, bricks, edging), it must be uniform in nature.  A defined border can be established by any distinct edge.
      4. All Holiday decorations must be removed twenty-one days after the holiday occurs.  Holiday decorations include, but are not limited to, lights, yard art, ornaments, garland, etc.
      5. All permanent lighting, including lamp posts, must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) prior to installation.  Lighting illuminating walkways, shrubs and trees are permitted. Decorative string lights may not be used as part of permanent front yard landscaping.  Any installed exterior lighting must not be distracting to road traffic.
      6. Fence construction must follow the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” Article VIII, Section 13.  Fence finish must be left to finish naturally, or may be clear sealed or sealed with a wood color stain or finish. Any other finish (green, white, black, etc.) must be approved in advance by the ACC.
      7. The front yard of each home must have a minimum of two live trees with trunks at least two inches in diameter.  If an existing tree dies, it should be replaced within 60 days.
      8. No signs are permitted in front yards for more than one day, except For Sale signs and political signs.  Signs must be no larger than 2’ x 3’.  All signs must be removed promptly when the home is sold or the election is over.
      9. No campers, recreational vehicles, motor homes, trailers, boats, commercial vans or trucks, or any other non-passenger vehicles or equipment may be parked overnight on the street or on a front driveway or any part of a lot that is visible from the street.  Such vehicles must be fully enclosed in a garage or parked on a rear driveway that is not visible from the street. 
      10. Non-operational vehicles of any type may not be parked on the street, on any driveway, or on any part of a lot.  Such vehicles must be fully enclosed in a garage.
      11. No antenna or satellite dish may be erected that is visible from the middle of the street in front of a home.   If the home is on a corner lot, any antenna or satellite dish must also be screened from public view from the middle of the street on the side of the home.
      12. No aluminum foil, reflective film, or paper may be placed on windows or doors.
      13. Roof Color - All roofs will use standard 30-year or better laminate shingles. Three tab shingles are not approved.  The color of the shingles will be Weathered Wood.
      14. Trim Color - Exterior trim color will be consistent with the neighborhood color scheme. Re-painting the dwelling with the current color does not need ACC approval.  Any change to the exterior trim color requires ACC approval.
      15. Concrete (Flatwork) Color - Standard concrete color or aggregate flatwork is acceptable. Any painting, stamping, or otherwise changing the look or texture of the original flatwork requires ACC approval.
      16. Siding - Any replacement siding must be of the same type that is currently installed on the dwelling and must be painted with the dominating trim color. Existing brick may not be replaced with siding unless approved by the ACC.  Aluminum or vinyl replacement siding is not allowed.
      17. Permanent Freestanding Structures - No permanent freestanding structures are allowed without ACC approval.  This includes, but is not limited to fountains, storage buildings, greenhouses, and gazebos.
      18. Mailbox - All mailboxes will be of brick or stone construction consistent with the style and color of dwelling exterior.
      19. All additions to the exterior of a home (front, back or side) must be approved in advance by the ACC.

      Updated and approved by the Board of Directors of the Fairways at Firewheel Homeowners Association (HOA) on 2/9/2008